Recruit, Select and Retain Employees Who Can Sell

The Optimum Performance Profile Pre-Hire Assessment Helps Organizations Increase Revenue by Predicting Which Job Candidates Will Achieve Optimum Sales Performance.

Banking and Credit Union Banking Personnel

Sales and Service Pre-Hire Assessment

Our nationally validated online pre-hire assessments can increase your sales revenue by predicting which job candidates will achieve optimum performance in five different sales and service job roles. The Optimum Performance Profile is easy to use and the assessment results are available immediately once the candidate completes the assessment.

Improve Hiring Success Rates

Over 95% of sales organizations rely exlusively on unstructured job interviews plus experience described in resumes and reference checks in making their hiring and promotion decisions. These practices typically predict only 5-20% of the difference in performance between superior performers and low performers. Use of the Optimum Performance Profile® and Service Readiness Assessment® in combination with structured interviews can dramatically improve hiring success rates while reducing the likelihood of discrimination.

Hiring and promoting right can make a huge contribution to your profitability. Research has proven that superior performers in sales positions typically outperform average performers by 2 to 1 and outperform low performers by 10 to 1. Now the Optimum Performance ProfileSM can help you increase sales revenue in some positions by as much as 200 percent or more by hiring superior performers to replace low performers while reducing costly turnover based on poor job fit. Higher employee job satisfaction also leads to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.