Recruit, Select and Retain Employees Who Can Sell

To get started simply call us and we’ll give you set-up instructions and an access code that links you to our assessment web site so you can begin conducting assessments the same day you order. Your administrator logs on and enters the job profile data; your job candidate completes the assessment questionnaire; and you simply download the comprehensive assessment report and email the customized interview guide to supervisors who will be interviewing the candidate. The entire process takes about 30 minutes. It’s that easy. You don’t risk losing candidates while you wait for analysis.

The Optimum Performance Profile and Service Readiness Assessment are a great value with a high return on investment. Don't be fooled by inexpensive pop-personality tests that only tell you what a job candidate likes or dislikes— they don't predict behavior. The Optimum Performance Profile measures emotional intelligence and behavioral competencies and better predicts how a job candidate will actually perform on the job. Let's face it, when it comes to hiring it is more important to predict what a candidate will actually do on the job (behavior) than what a candidate thinks about themself.

Optimum Performance ProfileSM
1 — 99 $99 each
100 or more $79 each
Service Readiness Assessment
1 — 99 $35 each
100 or more $25 each

$25 set-up charge for administration on each order.
7.25% sales tax on orders for Colorado-based organizations.