Recruit, Select and Retain Employees Who Can Sell

Our groundbreaking research identifies five distinct selling roles, each requiring a unique set of behavioral competencies. All sales and referral positions will fit into one of these selling roles:

  • Service & Referral Selling — Job requires servicing client transactions and maintaining friendly client relations, and may require conducting some referral or suggestive selling.
  • Consultative Selling — Job requires completing service transactions, counseling clients on product selection or use, closing first sales quickly, and making add-on or follow-up sales.
  • Competitive Selling — Job requires prospecting and competing for sales persistently despite high rejection rates, conducting only minimal after-sale servicing, and closing sales in one or two interviews using emotional pressure.
  • Complex Selling — Job requires closing large, complex, or technical sales with a long selling cycle, analyzing client problems and product applications to propose solutions, and sustaining client relationships over time.
  • Sales or Service Supervision — Job requires direct supervision and coaching of sales or service personnel.